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Updoze is an online communication agency specialised in supporting independent and liberal entrepreneurs. Particularly in the sectors of energy care, alternative medicine, wellness therapies and spirituality. Entrepreneurs who have just launched their activity or wish to strengthen their presence on the market. Since 2018 we have supported more than 46 professionals in logo creation, website design and natural referencing. Why the name Updoze? A company name is always the most difficult thing to find. And ours absolutely had to reflect our state of mind. So we chose the words Up and Doze. Up means elevation. And doze, which came to us with the word dose in our slogan 'your communication dose'. Up Doze also means to sleep. So the name Updoze was born. Because through communication, we help you to raise your business to the top, by transforming the ideas that lie dormant in you, into concrete projects. A spiritual agency Today, few communication professionals are open to spirituality. Our secret ingredient? An interest in spirituality. This second passion allows you to be understood and listened to. You can finally share your vision of the spiritual world in order to transmit your values through your communication.

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